Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hi there. This is my first ever post. I have been riding for a while now. actually for almost 7 years now. and I have created this cycling blog to share my experience as a cyclist.

Also, if you want to check out my very own website about cycling, you can check out here at - This site basically reviews bikes and bike stuff. While the site Planet Cheap Bike would review stuff related to sale and purchase of bikes, this blog would be used just for the purpose of sharing stuff about cycling ( No economic intent )

Let me tell you what i ride. I have a total of 5 bicycles out which i prefer the gmc denali one just becuase it is cheap and i don't have to worry about getting the bike stolen. ( Had bad experiences in the past. Two of my bikes got stolen in last 2 years. I am kinda careless. I don't usually care where i park and i usually don't use bike locks or other security devices. However, now i am a bit careful.

Anyways, cycling is obviously fun. However, i also do this sport to stay fit. I think cycling is perhaps the best exercise to stay healthy. I mean you don't have to learn anything. No learning curve involved. And also, you can find a nice bicycle under 500 bucks. No need to buy expensive exercise equipments.

Alright, ill let this post stay short as i could write all night. But for now, i just published this very first blog post to let the visitors get an idea about this blog.

Thanks for visiting the site. Have an Awesome Day :)

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